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Lease Extension

Formal claims to extend your lease and pay no further ground rent

Buy the Freehold

Collectively make a claim to buy the freehold of the building

Right to Manage

Collectively make a claim to take over management

Right of First Refusal

Accept your landlord’s offer to sell you their interest

Absent Landlord

Lease extension, freehold purchase or right to manage

Licence to Alter

Give formal consent to a flat owner before they alter their flat

Save on Legal Fees

The firm is able to offer extremely competitive prices due to its low overheads. No VAT is payable on the firm’s services, meaning prices are already 20% lower than most competitors.

Quality Service

Specialising in a single area of property law means we have a comprehensive knowledge of the applicable rules and can provide you with the best and most up to date legal advice.

You will have direct access to the solicitor responsible for your matter who will oversee all aspects of the work.